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In-Home Assistance (non-medical)

Several non-profit agencies provide caregiver support services to homebound elderly to enable them to continue living in their homes. Certain restrictions apply. Call for application.

  • Salvation Army In-Home Services
    Provides light housekeeping services for homebound seniors age 60 and over. No cost; may be a waiting list.
    Call (405) 270-7800

  • Caregivers Fundamentals Program
    Sunbeam Family Services, Inc., provides a 40-hour training session designed to provide practical information as well as resources for support to those in a caregiver role. No charge for this program.
    Call (405) 528-7721

  • Senior Companion Program
    Sponsored by Sunbeam Family Services, Inc., senior companions are retired men and women who provide compassionate non-medical assistance to homebound seniors on regularly scheduled visits. No charge for services.
    Call (405) 528-7721

    Senior companions are healthy older adults who help other adults live independently. They provide several hours per week of on-site support to frail elderly clients who may need assistance with tasks such as grocery shopping, light housekeeping, meal preparation, grooming and correspondence. There is no charge for this program. Here are some comments from families who have benefited from having Senior Companions assist their loved ones:

    "I would like you to know that if it had not been for your services and the assistance of Mary, I could not have kept my mother in our home."

    "I was low and depressed after my husband's death. Connie came and picked me up with laughter and joy. She made me feel like life was worth living again."

    "Dad looks forward to his visits from Larry, who coaxed him into being more active and taking walks again when we couldn't get him out of bed!"

  • Telephone Reassurance
    Volunteers make pre-arranged phone calls at pre-determined times to check on the well-being of homebound seniors. Emergency contacts are maintained for each client. Call for enrollment information.
    Call (405) 605-3110

  • Oklahoma Respite Resource Network (ORRN)
    Provides vouchers to help caregivers hire an individual of their choice to provide respite (temporary relief) care in the patient's home.
    Call toll free (800) 426-2747

  • Acts of Kindness Foundation
    Provides free loan of durable medical equipment (wheelchairs, walkers, shower stools, etc.) to patients who meet DHS standards of need.
    Medical Equipment Help
    Call (405) 843-2405
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