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Prescription Drug Assistance

The State of Oklahoma does not offer a prescription drug assistance program, as do some states. Basic Medicare does not cover prescription drugs unless they are dispensed to a patient during a hospital stay. In light of this, drug companies make some of their products available to low and fixed-income consumers with certain restrictions and eligibility requirements. There are also discount programs available through drug companies and pharmacy chains.

Drug company sponsored programs:

  • "Connection to Care"
    Sponsored by Pfizer, Inc., this program offers free prescription drugs to low-income patients. Call for a list of drugs and details.
    Call toll free (800) 707-8990

  • "Pfizer Friends"
    This program allows patients with no Medicaid or other prescription drug insurance to obtain their medications at a 40 percent discount through mail-order.
    Call toll free (866) 776-3700

Discount drug programs and other resources
Several discount programs are available to Medicare enrollees who do not have prescription drug coverage. They typically offer a 20-40 percent discount from list price. Some offer mail-order fulfillment while others work with chain stores, supermarket pharmacies, as well as independent druggists. Log-on or call for details:

  • RxAssist or Call (800) 769-3880
  • Together-Rx or Call (800) 444-4106
  • Needy Meds
    Not a discount program, but a doctor-created website that offers lots of good information on where to find drug discount programs.
  • Free Medicine Program
    Charges $5.00 fee per drug to research the lowest-cost source for your medication; offers refund if unable to locate discount program.

As a last resort, Oklahoma County offers a very limited prescription drug program to indigent clients who reside in Oklahoma County. Follow the link for more information about the Oklahoma County Pharmacy.

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